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Dr Tina Holt

Tina’s interest in sustainability began in the 1980’s leading to a PhD on the impact of climate change and sea-level rise on the UK east coast. She has since moved from studying environmental issues to focusing on the solutions. Her work on energy efficiency in buildings began with behavioural change (working for Global Action Plan) and evolved to include moisture robust, low energy retrofit – most recently as part of the AECB team behind the new CarbonLite Retrofit online training course.

Through consultancy work and community projects she has set up energy workshops, seminars and open homes events as well as providing individual advice. In 2011-12 she retrofitted her own traditional home using Passive House principles.

Previously, Tina spent a decade working as a trainer, consultant and project manager implementing IT business systems for organisations across the UK.

Tina is an AECB member and IEMA Practitioner. She is passionate about sharing with householders and building professionals the knowledge they need to enjoy and create high quality, healthy low energy buildings.


  • Editing training materials and creating new / bespoke material
  • Creating home-owner manual or training (e.g. for occupants moving into new or refurbished Passive House type dwellings) by making technical and general info more accessible – i.e. behaviour change for PH living.

Other information

As an IEMA Practitioner, I am of course interested in a much wider range of topics, but those are the ones perhaps most immediately relevant. Strategic thinking is always exciting, so by all means involve me if I may have something to offer.

My other activities that I list here are perhaps not relevant at the moment (simply because of my family situation and restrictions on travel and working hours). But you can see what I used to do / might do again in the future.

  • General energy saving advice (behavioural change to fabric first and where renewables fit in) but I am not a DEA etc… more an educator in common sense and getting the different energy uses into perspective.
  • Delivering presentations, workshops, training to a wide variety of audiences
  • As a trainer, consultant and project manager implementing IT business systems, I worked in the corporate, government and 3rd sector, with organisations of up to 90,000 employees. This included working with people at all levels from the payroll clerks to the Head of Finance and the CEO.
  • While doing my PhD, I also prepared and delivered some modules on BSc and MSc courses (geology and physical geography, climate change).
  • Having lived in a house with EnerPHit level energy use, I can speak/write directly on the benefits for the home-owner. This could be relevant if you end up working with organisations that might be considering whether their housing stock strategy should be PH / EnerPHit. I take a keen interest in the associated health benefits and championing their inclusion in cost benefit analysis.