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November 8, 2017 by Events, News

Structured Networking at Osmosis Events

Osmosis events are designed to provide networking opportunities for construction professionals to meet potential business contacts and gain work that will help grow the sector for better quality construction. Our regional events consist of a conference with inspirational speakers; an exhibition full of interesting and innovative building products or services; and structured networking activities, including principle six and tailored meetings.

Principle Six

Our events generally kick off with a Principle Six Business Cooperation session. During this session, each delegate is asked to present a 60 second pitch to the rest of the room. Whilst it may seem nerve-wracking, this is a great way to ‘break the ice’ of the day, and makes casual conversation much easier for the remainder of the event!Principle Six Networking Session

Principle Six is a face-to-face, high energy meeting format, focussed on delivering results for those taking part. It is a highly efficient way of providing participants withe the maximum quality and quantity of of new business using the ‘Givers Gain’ principle; if I bring opportunities to you, you will want to bring opportunities to me. It relies on an open, honest and co-operative approach to generating new business, by enabling people to make appropriate and qualified personal introductions to people within their own personal networks.


The Principle Six Session has two phases:

1. ‘Sixty second pitches’

Starting with the facilitator, each delegate will stand up in turn and present a ‘pitch to the group, lasting no longer than 60 seconds. There will be a timer on the screen to give you an indication of how long you have remaining, and when you’ve finished.

60-second Pitches should be in the format:

  • My name, my business
  • Where I’m based
  • What goods or services my I / my company provides.
  • Why people should buy those good or services.
  • The biggest problem I / my company faces.
  • And, most importantly – What referral I am looking for.

This should be as precise as possible, even naming a specific individual or business (You may be surprised who people know). During the pitches, delegates will be asked to note down the details of referrals, as they will all be asked to respond to referral requests with relevant and specific referrals during phase 2 of the session.

2. Referrals

Taking place later in the day, this session will see each participant standing up and telling the room which referrals they are able to make, and for who. The organisers will capture this, and will put you in touch after the event.

Referrals should be brief and to the point, e.g. ‘A – I can refer you to person B from company Y, who is looking for Z. I will speak to them first then put the two of you in touch’.

If any participant does not wish to make a referral or is not able to, they will be invited to give a personal testimonial or recommendation for another participant instead. Alternatively, they can say that they’re unable to provide a referral, and sit down.

Rules & Ethics of Referrals:

  1. Always making the introductions you’ve promised to make
  2. Following up on introductions people have made on your behalf
  3. Try to avoid referring yourself

Tailored Networking Meetings

Based on the information submitted in the registration form, each delegate will be offered a pre-arranged meeting with one of the exhibitors at the event. These meetings will be matched based on the ability of the exhibitor to solve the building related problem identified by the delegate. The meetings will take no longer than ten minutes each, and provide both delegates and exhibitors with the opportunity to meet contacts with whom they can develop positive and mutually beneficial business relationships.Tailored Networking Meeting

All Tailored Networking Meetings programme are agreed with both delegates and exhibitors in advance of the day.

Upon arrival at the venue in the morning, delegates taking part in meetings are able to collect both their name badge, and their Meetings Passport, which contains details of which meetings are taking place, what time, and where.