February 22, 2017 by Events, News

Eco Connect to Bring Green Innovators Together

Where Green Innovators Do Business

The AECB’s new EcoConnect Roadshow kicks off in June 2017 and is touring the UK to bring Eco-Innovators together to develop new business opportunities.

  • Do you need to break out of the green ghetto, but don’t want to get tarred with the greenwash brush?
  • Are you a building contractor, consultant or surveyor offering a high-quality service, seeking to win more work regionally? 
  • Do you manufacture or distribute genuinely innovative construction materials but find it difficult to get facetime with mainstream architects, developers and contractors?

About Eco Connect

The Association for Environment Conscious Building has recently teamed up with Osmosis to deliver a series of Eco Connect Roadshows to help green businesses to achieve more with their business, and win new work. Kicking-off in June 2017, the Roadshow is a series of events which aim to connect eco-innovators with new customers.

The events are organised by the AECB, the leading membership body in the sustainable built environment. The 2017 programme of Roadshows will visit regions around the UK, attracting contractors, architects and prospective clients.

There is a strong focus on building business relationships between innovators in sustainable design and construction and those working on live newbuild and retrofit projects. Ultimately, the Eco Connect Roadshows will focus on delivering better quality projects within real world constraints of time and budget. Delegates will gain insight and intelligence on both newbuild and retrofit, whilst gaining insight into sustainability’s transition to the mainstream.

What happens at the Roadshows?

Staged across a full-day, each event features:

  • A business breakfast where all attendees pitch their product or service and gain commitments to refer or introduce contacts who can help;
  • A high-quality conference featuring leading national and local industry leaders;
  • Pre-arranged Eco Connect meetings to ensure buying and selling needs are met;
  • Site tours hosted by local contractors, architects or developers to reinforce learning.


The AECB National Conference

The highlight of the Eco Connect Roadshows will be the AECB’s National Conference – now with a permanent home in London.  This long-established event regularly attracts upwards of 200 delegates – making it one of the leading marketplaces for eco products and services in the UK. In 2017, the Conference will focus on newbuild housing. The agenda will focus on how best practice in newbuild design and construction should play a central role in addressing both the housing and the climate crisis.

Co-located Event

The AECB National Conference will be co-located with the International Refurbishment Symposium (IRS). This new event is dedicated to the retrofit sector, drawing together leading academics, industry and the professions from across the UK, Europe and beyond. There will be a shared exhibition and catering space for both events, maximising the networking and engagement opportunities for both delegates and exhibitors.

Both the Eco Connect Roadshows and the co-located AECB national conference provide an exciting opportunity for those interested in green building, innovation and technology to come together to do business, share best practice and learn from the different experiences of a broad range of attendees.


Where will the Eco Connect events take place?

The 2017 roadshows are currently scheduled for eight locations, illustrated on the map below. From year to year, the Roadshows will visit all corners of the UK and Republic of Ireland. If you are interested in bringing a roadshow to your region, please contact


For more information, or to register your interest for the AECB Eco Connect Roadshows, just fill out the form below